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¡¡ANHUI HUIHUA ENGINEERING DESIGN GROUP CO., LTD.(the former Maanshan Institute of Architectural Design), founded in 1957, has firstly finished the system reform among Anhui Province in August, 2002 and increasingly perfected the corporate administration structure. Its businesses cover numerous major cities all over the country, such as Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Taizhou, Wuhu etc. Its main business fields consist of the Architectural Design (Class A), the Municipal design (Class B), the Engineering Consultant (Class A).
The departments and branches of our company are as follows: the Integrated Department, the Department of Business and Technology, the Financial Department, the General Engineers¡¯ rooms, the Scheme Development Department, No.1 Design Institute, No.2 Design Institute, the Steel-structure Institute, the Municipal Service, Xuanzhou Branch, Chaohu Branch, Wuwei Branch, and the Printing and Copying Center.
The company has more than 80 professionals, among which there are 32 engineers with senior professional titles, 8 registered architects with national Class A level, 10 registered structural engineers with national Class A Level. It owns the advanced equipment with modern technology. Our design works have been awarded many prizes, and the company has achieved the Standard Certification of Quality Management System ISO9001:2000. With the design ability and a large number of excellent works, Huihua Design Company owns a much big potential market. A batch of influential works inside or outside Anhui province have been finished, such as Shanghai Anhui Yu¡¯an Mansion, Beijing Anhui Building, Suzhou Wantong Mansion, Building of Zhejiang Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of National Taxation, Building of Wenling Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision, Building of Wuhu Power Supply Bureau, Maanshan Municipal Garden, and Maanshan Caishi River Landscapes etc.
Over 30 excellent architectural designs have been awarded the National, Ministry or Provincial Design Prize respectively, e.g., Maanshan Xihu Garden Residential District has been awarded the Gold Metal for Excellent Residential Project Design by China Civil Engineering Society and the No. 8 Zhantianyou Prize of China Civil Engineering.
Based on the enterprise spirit of ¡°integrity, development, refinement, and talent cultivation¡±, our staff are creative to show their excellent talent and quality.
Legal Person: Tang Shihua, Chairman and General Manager, Class A Registered Architect, Member of the HongKong Institute of Architects.
Address: No.44, Hudongzhong Road, Maanshan, PRC, 243000
Tel:( 0555) 2474315
Fax:( 0555) 2472521 2472536
Website: http://www.da-er.com